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We understand the concerns and constraints facing the nation due to COVID-19 pandemic which has affected all of us deeply. Please know that while we recognize the challenges that exist we have chosen to embrace this time as an opportunity to offer more engaging workshop experiences in a fully virtual setting.

While our work continues to improve healthcare for people of transgender experience, we stay stedfast in our commitment to our community and our mission to continue bringing you quality information by experts in their respective fields during our 10th annual Transgender Medical Conference.

The South Florida Transgender Medical Consortium

Invites you to Join the

Virtual Support Team


Sponsoring a workshop day

During our

10th Annual Transgender Medical Conference

September 17/18th 2020

$250.00-Name listed under your chosen workshop day as “Today is sponsored by..”

2 full registrations

Website recognition and linkage to company information


$500.00-Name listed as a 2 day sponsor

4 registrations

Website listing for the year with linkage to company information

Please remit to:

South Florida Transgender Medical Consortium..501 SE 2nd Street...#843..Ft.Lauderdale, Florida 33301

please include a high resolution company logo and information..

Thank you for your support !

    South FloridaTransgender Medical Consortium is an approved 501 C (3) for charitable giving under IRC section 170.

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