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Thank you for attending Our 13th Annual

Conference  "Supporting Families".

We are now beginning  to prepare for our


14th Annual Conference

"Generations in Transition: 

Aging with Pride and Resilience"


 February 27 & 28 2025


At the beautiful Norman Alumni Center

Coral Gables, Florida 

We look forward to seeing you

 and invite you to check back for

further information.

"This year’s educational conference addresses the important issues faced by transgender and gender non-conforming older adults and/or their families when seeking sensitive, respectful care and treatment at various stages of healthcare, including hospital, emergency, temporary nursing and rehabilitative care, and end-of-life treatment.


It's essential to create spaces for dialogue, education, and collaboration to ensure that healthcare providers are equipped to provide respectful and inclusive care to all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression."

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