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Thank you for attending Our 12th Annual

Conference  "Supporting Families".


as we begin to prepare for our


13th Annual Conference

Scheduled for the fall of 2024

we invite you to check back for further information.

We look forward to seeing you !






  Supporting Families 

Medical care for transgender and gender non-conforming youth is a family affair. Most youth who are seeking gender appropriate care do so with a parent, loved one, or caretaker beside them.


Adults in the home are the ones who manage healthcare among family members. In the case of younger children, the caretaker is the one who has  done research to provide gender appropriate care.


They find doctors, clinics, mental health counselors, and navigate insurance. In the case of older children, they may do small or all the preliminary footwork, but ultimately the parent will need to give written permission for hormones and surgical procedures. Regardless, it’s draining and can wreak havoc on a family.

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