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thumbnail_a poster for moving isa, an insider documentary short. it shows a young child, I

The documentary short, produced by Insider's News & Documentary team, follows 6-year-old Isa and her mother Violet Augustine, who made the difficult decision to pack up their life in Texas to move out to California after Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order in February 2022 that directed the Texas Department of

Family and Protective Services to investigate parents who provide their children with gender-affirming care, categorizing it as child abuse.


"Moving Isa," however, isn't focused on the politics, though the film briefly touches on the context of the move. Rather, it's a portrait of a family: a daughter, who's confident in her own identity, and a mother, who needs the freedom and support to best care for her daughter.

  Supporting Families 

Medical care for transgender and gender non-conforming youth is a family affair. Most youth who are seeking gender appropriate care do so with a parent, loved one, or caretaker beside them.


Adults in the home are the ones who manage healthcare among family members. In the case of younger children, the caretaker is the one who has  done research to provide gender appropriate care.


They find doctors, clinics, mental health counselors, and navigate insurance. In the case of older children, they may do small or all the preliminary footwork, but ultimately the parent will need to give written permission for hormones and surgical procedures. Regardless, it’s draining and can wreak havoc on a family.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that families are immensely impacted by the needs of transgender youth. Not just parents, but siblings too. Often, a parent will pay special attention to the needs of the transgender child, which can pull them away from their other children. The family needs to be considered when treating transgender youth. For the conference, I feel it’s very important to address these issues. – Jeanette Jennings

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