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our mission statement

"To provide state of the art medical information to mental health and licensed allied professionals, nursing and medical students including support staff that addresses  culturally sensitive care and treatment for the transgender and gender non-conforming and gender creative community"


The South Florida Transgender Medical Consortia (SFTMC) started over 10 years ago as it became evident that the number of health professionals trained in transgender medical and behavioral health was insufficient to meet the need in our transgender communities.

SFTMC considered what it would take working together to reduce barriers to care and increase the number of competent licensed and trained health professionals.

SFTMC created a board of directors as well advisory board consisting of volunteer licensed professionals proficient in related fields.

SFTMC then prepared the provider community and front line staff with culturally sensitive information and education to eliminate assumptions, improve communication and create a more affirming environment for transgendered persons seeking health care.

This focus led to the creation of a state of the art 1 day learning session designed to increase the competency of local professionals to meet the health care needs of transgender, gender non-conforming and gender creative individuals.

Today, through workshops and conferences our dedicated team of licensed providers and community members continue to offer expansive learning opportunities that have reached over 2300 medical professionals. We stay committed to providing competent and proficient education to our medical, mental health professionals, students, allied health providers, and our front line staff in the field of transgender heath care through interactive opportunities.

Our volunteer board of directors and advisory team stays committed to bringing providers  quality information curated by experts in their respective fields of transgender care to share their expertise and assist in developing competency through knowledgeable inter actions.


SFTMC's goal is to provide the kind of valuable information and professional networking that will greatly enhance the abilities of participants to provide quality service to our transgender, gender non-conforming and gender expansive individuals in our community.

While we fully recognize the challenges that exist today with COVID-19 we will continue to embrace this time as a time to address change, todays challenges existing with work continues to improve healthcare for people of transgender experience, we stay steadfast in our commitment to our community and to our mission statement.



Medical Treatment
Healthcare Costs
Better Patient Care

Realities of Transgender Medical Care


of transgender
people postpone medical coverage when they are sick or injured out of fear.
report they are the ones who have to teach their provider about healthcare issues.
of transgender people have been refused care by doctors or hospitals.
delay any form of preventative healthcare treatment because of discrimination.

Leadership Team

Our experts are the finest

Jodi Reichman, Founder /CEO- South Florida Transgender Medical Consortium

Board of Directors

Thomas Pietrogallo, MSW/LCSWMBA-President

Transgender Medical Consortium

CEO-Poverello Center

Jim Lopresti-Ph.d.LMHC-Vice President

South Florida Transgender Medical Consortium

Senior Clinical Supervisor

Sunserve Social Services

Dr.Sheryl Zayas-D.O.-Sect./Tres

South Florida Transgender Medical Consortium

Medical director

Care Resource

Dr.Bethel Steindel-Spargo-Executive Board Member

South Florida Transgender Medical Consortium

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Memorial Health Care

Advisory Committee and Board Members

Dr Asa Radix -WPATH

Callen Lorde Community Health Center


Dr Uri Belkind-Dept of  Adolescents/Pediatrics

Callen Lorde/NYU School of Medicine

Tatiana Williams-Advisory Board Member 


Mitch Bloom- Advisory Board Member

Wells Fargo, Wilton Manors

Jessmarie Gonzalez-Advisory Board Member

Behavioral Community Health specialist

Care Resource




Dr. Scott, MD

Excellent content, loved the panel, great program Great workshop overall!

Overall, I think this is one of the best workshops I've atended. I think the small group discussions were useful.

Jackie, Ph.D.

Training was very helpful, and I genuinely learned a lot. The case studies were outstanding.

Andrea, LPN

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